Friday, December 24, 2010

All I want for Christmas

I struggled this year to think of something that I want for Christmas.  In the past years there has always been something that I wanted.  This year I feel like I have everything I need. And then some.  My house is full of stuff, some of the stuff is precious to me but some needs to be thrown away.  I don't need anymore stuff.   What I want for Christmas is not something that can be bought at a store.  It cannot be ordered online.  I have so enjoyed seeing the JOY and excitement in the eyes of my children this year.  Glade and Addison get it.  They know who Santa is and what he does.  They are beyond excited.  Oh, I wish I could see them share that excitement with their little brother.  Oh how I would love for him to be here.  But I know he is celebrating with Jesus, what a celebration it must be...

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